Vern Law

1959 Topps

The 1960 Cy Young award winner, Law won 162 games in a career that lasted 16 years. A two-time all star and a member of the Pirates’ 1960 World Series winning team, Law pitched exclusively for Pittsburgh during his career. His best season was 1960. It was the lone year he won 20 games. He led the National League in complete games that season, with 18. He beat the Yankees twice in the subsequent World Series. Due to a  freak injury to his ankle after the Pirates clinched the pennant in 1960, Law was ineffective for the better part of the next four seasons. He bounced back in 1965 though, winning 17 games with a 2.15 ERA and earning comeback player of the year honors. His son, Vance, was an infielder for five teams in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

While I just received his questionnaire, Law’s is one of the best ones I have ever had returned. I absolutely love his response to the favorite player question as well as his brief comment about the Bambino. It’s hard to imagine a teenage ball player (which Law was) not being impressed by Babe Ruth, but that seems to be the case.


I should also note that persistence was the key with this one. I wrote to Law about a decade ago and while he did autograph my card, he did not fill out the survey. When I came across this 1959 card I figured I’d take another shot and it paid off in a big way. Here’s the card I got the first time.

1952 Topps

Vern Law – career stats

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