Hobie Landrith

A veteran of 14 major league seasons, Landrith served as catcher for seven different teams from 1950-1963. While not ever really a starter, Landrith did crack the 100 games played two different times during his career. The most action he saw came in 1956 when he played in 111 games for the Chicago Cubs. He […]

Vito Valentinetti

Valentinetti pitched in 108 big league games for five different teams from 1954-1959. He finished his career with a 13-14 mark and a 4.73 ERA. The best year of his career was 1956 when he went 6-4 with a save and a 3.78 ERA for the Chicago Cubs. He pitched in 42 games that season, […]

Johnny O’Brien

Half of the answer to a relatively obscure baseball trivia question, O’Brien played for six seasons in the major leagues. He came up with Pittsburgh in 1953 and, after a year in the military, returned to the Pirates for the 1955 season. He spent one more season in Pittsburgh before concluding his career with stops […]

Gary Blaylock

Blaylock spent one season in the big leagues, but did manage to play for two different teams. He went 4-5 for the Cardinals in 1959 before being dealt to the New York Yankees where he lost one more game in 15 appearances. His ERA that year was 4.80 and he appeared in 41 games for the two […]

J.W. Porter

  A career backup, Porter played for five different teams over the span of six seasons. He came up with the St. Louis Browns in 1952, playing in 33 games, but spent the next two seasons out of baseball and in the military. He returned in 1955 and played the next three seasons in Detroit. It was […]

Russ Heman

Heman pitched for two teams over the course of one season, which turned out to be the only time he ever spent in the big leagues. He came up in 1961 with the Cleveland Indians and pitched in six games before being traded to the Los Angeles Angels, where he pitched in another six games. […]

Tom Carroll

Carroll spent three years in the big leagues, playing from 1955-1956 for the Yankees and then having a curtain call in 1959 when he got into 14 games for Kansas City. While he only played in 64 games, Carroll did show he was adept with the bat as he hit .300 in his career. Tom […]