Clyde King

1952 Topps

A pitcher, King had three stints in the big leagues, spanning seven seasons from 1944-1953. He came up with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1944 due to the player shortage caused by World War II. He pitched in 56 games over the next two seasons, almost all of them in relief, before returning to the minor leagues when the war concluded. He returned to the Dodgers in 1947 for another two-year stay that saw him win six games, again pitching almost exclusively in relief. However in 1949 he returned to the minor leagues again, coming back up with Brooklyn in 1951. That season turned out to be his best as he went 14-7 that year for the Dodgers, saving six games as well. This time King stuck around the big leagues for three seasons but by 1954 he was back in the minors and would never return to the majors.


Following his playing career, King became a manager in the minor leagues and then a coach at the big league level. In 1969, King took over as manager of the San Francisco Giants. He also helmed the Atlanta Braves and, briefly, the New York Yankees.

1983 Topps

He was a part of the Yankees’ front office for over 30 years, starting in 1976, with the brief exception of his time as the skipper of the club. King held a variety of positions with the Yankees including general manager, scout, pitching coach and special advisor to George Steinbrenner. King died at his home in Goldsboro, North Carolina on November 2, 2010.

Clyde King – career stats

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