Gerry Staley

1952 Topps

Staley won 134 games while pitching for 15 years in the big leagues. He broke in with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1947 and by 1950 was a key part of their rotation. Staley enjoyed his best years from 1949-1953. During that span he won at least 10 games every season and made two all-star teams. He was 19-13 for the Cardinals in 1951 and won 17 and 18 games the next two years. The Cardinals sent him to the Reds in 1955 and he bounced around the majors for the next four years. His career had a resurgence in 1959 when he was pitching for the Chicago White Sox. Now a bullpen arm, Staley led the American League in games pitched that year (67) as well as games finished (37) and saves (15). He was a key member of the “Go-Go” Sox, helping them reach the World Series. He pitched in four games in the series against the Dodgers, earning a save and taking a loss. For his efforts, Staley received MVP votes following the season. He won 13 games out of the bullpen in 1960, earning his final trip to the All-Star Game in the process.


Staley is one of the few guys who I sent two surveys to. It is interesting to me how his answers actually changed. Here’s the second survey which I sent a few years after the first.


As you can see, his favorite park, as well as his favorite memory, are different on the two questionnaires. Staley’s career continued until he was 40-years old when he pitched in 52 games for the White Sox, Kansas City A’s and Detroit Tigers. He died on January 2, 2008 in Vancouver Washington. He was 87-years old.

Gerry Staley – career stats

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