Chuck Hartenstein

1970 Topps

Hartenstein appeared in 187 games in the majors over a period that stretched from 1966-1977. He was in the big leagues for just six of those years. Hartenstein came up with the Chicago Cubs in 1966 and had his best season the following year. He went 9-5 with 11 saves for the Cubs in 1967. He finished 30 games for them, posting a 3.08 ERA in the process. His ERA jumped to 4.54 in 1968 and he wound up in Pittsburgh in 1969. Hartenstein saved 10 games for the Pirates that year but bounced to St. Louis and then Boston over the subsequent two seasons. He returned to the minor leagues in 1971 and stayed there until 1977 when he saw action in 13 games for the expansion Toronto Blue Jays. Hartenstein called it quits after that year and eventually wound up as a coach for the Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers.


I absolutely love that Hartenstein’s favorite memory from playing was getting paid. I imagine the current players, who make a lot more than he did, have similar feelings. Hartenstein was a star pitcher for the University of Texas, helping the Longhorns to the College World Series in 1962 and 1963. During his time in the Texas League with the Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs, he once pitched 18 innings in relief in a game against Austin.

Chuck Hartenstein – career stats

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