Swings and misses

1989 Topps

Four cards came back with signatures and no surveys. Continuing a disturbing trend amongst younger players, Los Angeles Dodger slugger Mike Marshall signed the card but did not fill out the questionnaire. This is pretty common, honestly, as players from the 1980’s hardly ever answer the questions. That said, it was cool of him to even take the time to sign the card. Marshall, not to be confused with the other Mike Marhsall who pitched for the Dodgers in the 1970’s, blasted 148 home runs during 11 seasons in the big leagues. His best years came with the Dodgers, but he also played for the Red Sox, Mets and Angels. I mostly remember Marshall as the guy who dated The Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle when I was a kid, probably because I had a childhood crush on her. Marshall’s career stats are here.

1970 Topps

Taylor’s card came back with a note from his wife saying he was too sick to fill out the survey. He went 28-20 with 31 saves over an eight-year period from 1969-1976. Taylor pitched for the Cardinals, Mets, Brewers and Expos. His best year was arguably 1974 when he saved 11 games and posted a 2.17 ERA for Montreal in 107.2 innings.

1966 Topps

Gibbon twice won 10 or more games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 1960’s. He went 13-10 in 1961, pitching three shutouts and compiling a 3.32 ERA while striking out 145 hitters. He pitched in the 1960 World Series as well, appearing in two games and giving up three runs in three innings. Gibbon’s career stretched from 1960-1972 as he pitched for four different teams. His career statistics can be found here.

1965 Topps

Lee was fantastic during his first three years in the major leagues. He went 6-5 with 19 saves in 1964 as a rookie for the Los Angeles Angels. The next year he was 9-7 with 23 saves and a 1.92 ERA, earning a trip to the All-Star Game in the process. Lee saved 16 more games for the Angels in 1966 but he was traded to the Dodgers the following season  and never enjoyed similar success. By 1969 he was out of the big leagues.

In addition to these four, I also got five letters marked ‘return to sender.’ Those came from Juan Nieves, Art Mahaffey, Mike Morgan, Terry Pendleton and Al Spangler.

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