Outgoing …

Got a bunch of mail for the postman today. Letters going to: John Montague, Jim Sundberg, Brian Downing, Jose Morales, Eric Soderholm, Rick Sweet, Jim Dwyer, Elias Sosa, Mike Sadek, Dave Revering, Dave Roberts, Leon Roberts, Bob McClure, Greg Minton and Andy Messersmith. That’s 15 more, but who’s counting?

Wally Westlake

An all star in 1951, Westlake belted 127 home runs during a 10-year stretch in the big leagues from 1947-1956. He came up with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1947 and played in 112 games, hitting .273 with 17 long balls for the Bucs that season. He remained a starting outfielder for Pittsburgh until his all-star […]

Swings and misses

Six cards came back with autographs but no questionnaires. Two more came back with bad addresses. Here’s a rundown of our most recent failures. I like to send out old Diamond King cards from time to time because I think they look cool autographed. Unfortunately their return rate is pretty low. The occasions where they […]