Outgoing …

Big mail day as there is a good chance I will not send any out next week due to spring break. So, 15 go today to: Ken Sanders, Roy Smalley, Don Stanhouse, Leroy Stanton, Bill Stein, Bob Sykes, John D’Acquisto, Ivan DeJesus, Tom Dettore, Rick Manning, Mike Marshall, Joe McIntosh, Bo McLaughlin, Bob Montgomery and Doug Rader.

I offered Stanhouse the chance at being our first video feature as he lives close enough for me to drive to meet him. Will be interesting to see what he says.

Published by Chris

Writer, historian, father, intrepid traveller, journalist, punk rocker ... I am actually in the (a) Hall of Fame. They said to never trust anyone over 30 and now I am so far past that point, spinning aimlessly and still trying to figure out my place in the world.

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