Swings and misses

1979 Topps

John Mayberry hit 255 home runs in 15 big league seasons. He was twice an all star and showed up in the MVP vote on four different occasions. He twice led the American League in walks and once in on base percentage. He hit .291 with 34 home runs and 106 RBIs for the 1975 Kansas City Royals, which was arguably his best season.

1979 Topps

A rarity amongst modern-day catchers, John Stearns displayed plenty of speed during his 11 seasons in the majors. Playing almost exclusively for the New York Mets, Stearns stole 91 bases during his career. In 1978 he stole 25 bases which ranks as the sixth-best mark by a catcher in the 20th Century. He was selected to play in the All-Star Game four times.

1974 Topps

Denny Doyle finished 23rd in the 1975 American League MVP vote. While playing for both the California Angels and Boston Red Sox, he hit .298, helping Boston reach the World Series where they lost to the Cincinnati Reds. Doyle compiled a career-average of .250 in eight seasons.

1973 Topps

Frank Duffy was the Cleveland Indians’ starting shortstop from 1972-1977. Never a great hitter, Duffy’s best year came with the Tribe when he hit .263 in 1973. He had eight home runs and 50 RBIs that season, both of which served as career highs. Overall, Duffy hit .232 in his 10 seasons in MLB.

1972 Topps

Bob Oliver had a huge season for the Kansas City Royals in 1970. He hit .260 that year with 27 home runs, 99 RBIs and 83 runs scored. He finished 27th in that year’s MVP vote. However, the year was an outlier as Oliver only crossed the 20-home run threshold one other time during his eight years in the majors.

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