Swings and misses

1972 Topps

Another round of cards that have returned with no surveys. A three-time all star, Joe Rudi played for 16 years in the majors, mostly for the Oakland A’s. He came up with Oakland in 1967 and retired after playing for the A’s in 1982. In between, he made stops with the California Angels and Boston Red Sox. Rudi hit .264 with 179 home runs in his career. He won three Gold Gloves and finished second in the American League MVP vote in 1972 and 1974. Rudi was a key contributor to three Oakland World Series winners in 1972, 1973 and 1974.

1970 Topps

Gil Garrido spent six seasons playing in the big leagues. He broke in with the San Francisco Giants in 1964, playing in 14 games before returning to the minor leagues for three seasons. He returned to the bigs with the Atlanta Braves in 1968 and stuck around for five years. He played 101 games for Atlanta in 1970, hitting .264 with his lone career home run along the way.

1976 Topps

An MVP-candidate in 1971, Ken Sanders pitched for 10 seasons in the majors, saving 86 games and winning another 29. Sanders made just one start in his entire big league career, pitching almost exclusively out of the bullpen. He had a career year in 1971 while pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers. Sanders led the National League in saves (31), games finished (77) and games (83) that season. He also won seven games while posting a 1.91 ERA, finishing 16th in the MVP vote.

Our letter to Chris Speier was returned as he has apparently moved.

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