Swings and misses

These four cards came back signed, but without letters. I also received a couple letters without cards, which makes it pretty hard to identify just who sent them. But we will deal with those later. For now let’s look at this week’s swings and misses.

1972 Topps

Mickey Stanley won the Gold Glove four times and finished 25th in the 1968 American League MVP vote. He was a career .248 hitter with 117 home runs over the course of 15 years in the big leagues. He was the Detroit Tigers starting center fielder in 1968 when they defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Stanley hit .214 and scored four runs in the series.

1974 Topps

A two-time all star, Pete Richert pitched for 13 years in the big leagues, winning 80 games and saving 51. He was an all star in 1965 and 1966 while pitching for the Washington Senators. He won 29 games over those two seasons and received MVP votes both years. Richert reached the World Series three times with the Baltimore Orioles from 1969-1971, appearing in one game in each series. Baltimore won the 1970 Fall Classic, defeating the Cincinnati Reds.

1974 Topps

Wayne Granger went 35-35 with 108 saves during nine seasons in the major leagues. He finished eighth in the National League Cy Young vote in 1970 while pitching for the Cincinnati Reds. He led the NL in saves that year with 35 and was also tops in games finished (59). He twice pitched in the World Series. The first time in 1968 for the Cardinals. The second time came in 1970 with the Reds.

1989 Topps

Tom Lawless played for four different teams over eight years in the big leagues. He hit .207 in 531 at bats with two career home runs. Lawless played in two World Series, both with the St. Louis Cardinals, in 1985 and 1987.

I also got the card back from Rusty Staub’s estate.

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