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I decided to write to all of the 100 oldest living baseball players we have yet to feature here. So, I went on eBay and ordered as many of their cards as I could find and as soon as the cards get to me I am going to send them out to the players. I got three cards I’d purchased in the mail today and I am sending them out this evening. They are going to: Hal Naragon, Jim Willis and Dick Smith.

If you were wondering, we have 24 of the 100 oldest players already featured here. The oldest we have is Wally Westlake who comes in at 97-years old. We actually got the oldest living player at the time, Mike Sandlock, to respond to the survey back in 2016. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after he wrote back to us. Hopefully these reach the players quickly and they are able to respond. I look forward to sharing whatever we get back with y’all in the upcoming weeks!

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Writer, historian, father, intrepid traveller, journalist, aging punk ... I am actually in a Hall of Fame.

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