Mike Epstein

1973 Topps

Epstein played for nine seasons, from 1966-1974, hitting .244 with 130 home runs for five different teams. After two years with the Baltimore Orioles, Epstein joined the Washington Senators in 1967 and had a career year two seasons later. In 1969 Epstein slugged a career-high 30 home runs while hitting .278 with 85 RBIs and 73 runs scored. He finished 25th in the American League MVP vote that year. Epstein hit 20 more home runs for the Senators the following season but was traded to the Oakland A’s early in the 1971 campaign. He had another good year for the A’s in 1972, hitting .270 with 26 bombs and finishing 16th in the MVP vote. Unfortunately, it would be the last productive year of his career. He made stops with the Texas Rangers and California Angels before retiring in 1974.


Epstein was the starting first baseman for the 1972 World Series winning A’s. He played in six games of the series, but did not get a hit.

He currently runs a hitting school, which he references on his questionnaire. You can find it here.

Epstein is a member of the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

His favorite teammate, Ken Holtzman, was featured in a Swings & Misses earlier this year.

Mike Epstein – career stats 


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2 thoughts on “Mike Epstein

  1. You should have asked him about his amazing facial hair. He sometimes had just a killer Fu Manchu mustache, and sometimes connected his sideburns to his mustache. That latter style is one that I have always referred to as “the Mike Epstein”.


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