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We’ve got 11 letters for the mailman today as we celebrate a pretty huge milestone here at Letters From Home Plate. First things first, letters are going to: Milt Wilcox, Joe Sambito, Buddy Pritchard, Harding Peterson, Stan Palys, Tom Paciorek, Graig Nettles, Don Money, Mick Kelleher, Bob Henrich and Dusty Baker. As for the milestone, with the letters to Henrich, Palys, Peterson and Pritchard we have now sent letters to every living player who appeared on a baseball card in the 1940’s and 1950’s! It took a really long time, and we certainly lost out on a lot of guys who died before we got to them, but this was our first goal when we started this project over a decade ago. After taking a minute or two to celebrate this accomplishment, we’ll get to work on the guys from the 1960’s…


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Writer, historian, father, intrepid traveller, journalist, aging punk ... I am actually in a Hall of Fame.

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