Swings and misses

1965 Topps

The American League MVP in 1968 and a two-time Cy Young Award winner, Denny McLain won 131 games during a 10-year run through the big leagues. He came up with the Detroit Tigers in 1963 and won 20 games in 1966 while making his first all-star team. He won 31 games for Detroit in 1968 which earned him both the MVP and the Cy Young, then won 24 more in 1969 for his second Cy Young. Off-field troubles derailed McLain’s career in 1970 and he was never able to regain his late 60’s form. He left the Tigers in 1971 and pitched for three teams before retiring in 1972.

1979 Topps

Perhaps better known as a hitting coach, Ron Jackson spent 10 seasons playing in the majors, hitting .259 with 56 home runs for four different teams from 1975-1984. His best year came in 1979 when he hit .271 with 14 home runs for the Minnesota Twins. Following his playing career, Jackson was a coach for numerous teams. His most memorable stint coming with the Boston Red Sox, where he was the team’s hitting coach in 2004, the year they won their first World Series in 86 years.

1985 Topps

Glenn Hoffman spent nine seasons playing shortstop in the majors for the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and California Angels. He hit .242 with 23 home runs in 766 games between 1980-1989. His best season came with the Red Sox in 1983 when he hit .260. Hoffman later was the manager of the Dodgers. He is the brother of Hall of Fame reliever Trevor Hoffman.

Mike Andrews returned our letter without filling out the questionnaire or signing the card.

Letters sent to Joe Charboneau, J.C. Martin, Bill Travers and Jack Clark were returned with bad addresses.

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