Swings and misses

1960 Topps

Eli Grba pitched for five seasons in the majors, going 28-33 with four saves for the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels. His best year was 1961 with the Halos. He won 11 games that season and saved two more in 211.2 innings. Grba passed away on January 14, 2019 and his family returned the card to us. He co-authored a book about his time in the game. The information is below.


1982 Donruss

Dave Ford won five games and saved three more for the Baltimore Orioles while pitching between 1978-1981. He pitched in 25 games for Baltimore in 1980, which was the high-water mark for his career. Ford pitched professionally from 1975-1985.

1988 Topps

Marc Sullivan caught for the Boston Red Sox for five years, hitting .186 with five home runs in 137 games. He appeared in a career-high 60 games for Boston in 1987, but hit just .169. Sullivan was part of the 1986 Red Sox team that reached the World Series. However, he did not appear in the playoffs. He is the son of former major leaguer Haywood Sullivan who later went on to be a co-owner of the Red Sox.

Our letters sent to Tito Landrum and Mike Jackson were returned with bad addresses. Ellis Valentine returned our survey and declined to participate.


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