Dickie Noles

1980 Topps

Noles pitched for 11 years in the big leagues, going 36-53 with 11 saves while pitching for six teams from 1979-1990. He was a member of the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies’ team that won the World Series. He made 30 starts for the Chicago Cubs in 1982 and won a career-high 10 games. However, his record fell to 5-10 the following year and Chicago dealt him to the Texas Rangers in 1984. Noles bounced around the league for the next four seasons, pitching for the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles and the Cubs one more time. He spent 1989 in the minors and returned to the big leagues for just one more game, with the Phillies, in 1990.


Noles pitched in one game of the 1980 World Series, entering Game 4 in relief of Larry Christenson. He threw 4 and 2/3 innings, giving up five hits and one run while striking out six. While they lost that game, the Phillies beat the Kansas City Royals in six games to win the championship.

Noles is also notable as one of only four players in the history of baseball to be traded for himself. The other three are Harry Chiti, Brad Gulden and John McDonald.

1981 Fleer

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