Swings and misses

1986 Topps

Jerry Reed spent parts of nine seasons pitching in the big leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox. In 238 games he went 20-19 with a 3.94 ERA and 18 saves. His best year came with the Mariners in 1989. He posted a career-high seven wins that season and had a 3.19 ERA in 101.2 innings.

1987 Donruss

Scott Fletcher played for 15 seasons in the majors, hitting .262 with 34 home runs while playing the infield for six different teams. Fletcher came up with the Chicago Cubs in 1981 but did not become a starter until joining the Chicago White Sox in 1983. He had his career year with the Texas Rangers in 1986. He hit .300 that season and scored 82 runs to go along with 50 RBIs and 12 stolen bases. While not flashy, his numbers were good enough for 17th place in that year’s American League MVP vote.

1989 Donruss

Jeff Robinson spent nine seasons pitching, mostly out of the bullpen, in the majors. In 454 games he posted a 46-57 record with a 3.79 ERA and 39 saves. He won 11 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1988 without making a start. He saved 14 games for the San Francisco Giants and Pirates in 1987. Those two years would go down as the high-water marks of his career.

Letters sent to Vince Coleman, Ned Yost and Greg Maddux were returned with bad addresses.

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