Don Carrithers

1977 Topps

Carrithers pitched for eight years in the big leagues, breaking in with the San Francisco Giants in 1970 and finishing with the Minnesota Twins in 1977. In 165 games he compiled a 28-32 record with a 4.45 ERA. The best years of his career came while he was pitching for the Montreal Expos. He won five games for them in 1975 while posting a 3.30 ERA in 101 innings. He pitched a career-high 140 innings in 1976 and also won a career best six games, but also tallied 12 losses for Montreal. Carrithers

Don Carrithers – career stats 

1977 Topps


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2 thoughts on “Don Carrithers

  1. I was at a game in the early seventies, and Carrithers was on first, he must have singled, and no one was covering second. No one called time out, so he just took off running and made it safely. I was scoring the game and was puzzled how I should score the play. Years later I saw he had one career stolen base. And imagine, I was there


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