Swings and misses

1979 Topps

An all star in 1977, Jim Slaton won 151 games during 16 seasons in the majors, spent pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers and California Angels. Slaton had 10 seasons where he won at least 10 games. His best year came in 1978 when he won 17 games for Milwaukee. He pitched in the 1982 World Series for the Brewers and picked up the win in Game 4.

1984 Topps

Charlie Hudson went 50-60 with a 4.14 ERA while pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers from 1983-1989. He had his best season while pitching for the Yankees in 1987 as he won 11 games and finished with a 3.61 ERA in 154-and-2/3 innings. Hudson took two losses for the Phillies in the 1983 World Series, dropping Game 2 and the decisive Game 5.

1985 Topps

Mike Fischlin spent 10 seasons, mostly as a reserve infielder, in the majors. He broke in with the Houston Astros in 1977 and went on to play for the Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves. He was the Indians starting shortstop in 1982, playing in 112 games and hitting .268. In 517 games, Fischlin hit .220 with three home runs.

Letters sent to Greg Swindell and LaMarr Hoyt were returned with bad addresses. Paul Molitor declined our invitation to participate.

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  1. I used to have some of those frames that have individual spaces for cards up on the wall. Now all of mine are in binders. So, not displayed at all.


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