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Fifteen letters in the mail today, going to: Brad Wellman, Billy Jo Robidoux, Eric Plunk, Brian Meyer, Brent Mayne, Al Leiter, Bryan Little, Bob Kipper, Joe Hesketh, Brian Harper, Brian Fisher, John Franco, Terry Felton, Bill Dawley and Luis Alicea.

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3 thoughts on “Outgoing ..

  1. I am a 12 year old and I love collecting baseball cards and I would love to start collecting ttm autographs.
    At the start of the pandemic I surfed around trying to find a good ttm player or coach. I found one in the San Diego Chicken.
    He did answer back by the way and sent my card, signed, back to me.
    Is there any players that you would recommend from 1980 to now?
    And also do you have any tips for beginners.


    1. Very cool! My only advice is get a good address book. I use the one published by Jack Smalling. As far as players, all the guys on here signed, so they’d be great to write to. Some HoFers I have gotten signed cards back from are Harold Baines, Mike Schmidt, Ryne Sandberg and Robin Yount. Unfortunately none of them answered our five questions. Good luck!

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