John Dopson

1989 Donruss

Dopson went 30-47 over eight seasons spent pitching for the Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox and California Angels between 1985 and 1994. In 725 innings of work, he compiled a 4.27 ERA and one save. His best season came for Boston in 1989 when he won 12 games and had a 3.99 ERA in 169 innings. He lost 11 games three times, first for the Expos in 1988 and again for the Red Sox in 1992 and 1993.


On April 19, 1993 Dopson threw a complete game shutout against the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park. He allowed three hits and struck out eight to lead Boston to a 6-0 win.

Dopson is notable as the last man to commit four balks in a game. This happened on June 13, 1989 at Fenway against the Detroit Tigers.

John Dopson – career stats 

1990 Donruss 

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