Rent is due


It appears it’s that time of the year again where we have to pay wordpress for the use of this site. Coincidentally, my wife wants me to get this LFHP swag (which I’d sort of forgotten about) out of the guest-room closet. So, this seems like a perfect opportunity to have a clearance sale/fund raiser! We’ve got shirts sizes S-XXL. Most of them are blue, but there are a few of the jersey shirts left. Also have three or four hats. I am thinking $25 for your choice of a hat or a shirt. If you want a hat and a shirt, then I’m thinking $40. If you want a hat and both shirts, let’s say $50. I will pay for shipping. Also, I am going to throw in some of these autographed LFHP business cards we sometimes get back with the letters.


No guarantees on who you get, but it will be people who we’ve featured here.

Here’s the jersey shirt.


Here’s the blue one.


Send me a message if you want one and can help out! All proceeds will be used to further the site – for wordpress dues, stamps, supplies, etc. Thanks!

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Writer, historian, father, intrepid traveller, journalist, aging punk ... I am actually in a Hall of Fame.

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