Swings and misses

1965 Topps

Danny Cater spent 12 years in the majors, playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City/Oakland A’s, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals from 1964-1975. In 1,289 games he hit .276 with 66 home runs. He finished second to Carl Yastrzemski in the 1968 batting race. Cater hit .290 that year and was 19th in the MVP vote. Yaz hit .301.

1979 Topps

Tim Foli played for 16 years in the majors. He broke in with the New York Mets in 1970 and finished with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1985. In between he played for the Montreal Expos, San Francisco Giants, California Angels and New York Yankees. Foli hit .251 with 25 home runs in his career. He was the starting shortstop for the 1979 Pirates’ team that won the World Series. Foli hit .333 in the series and scored six runs.

1985 Topps

Jerry Willard caught for eight seasons in the majors. In 346 games he hit .249 with 25 home runs. Willard played between 1984 and 1994 for the Cleveland Indians, Oakland A’s, Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos and Seattle Mariners. He mostly served as a reserve catcher, but played in 105 games for Cleveland in 1985 and hit .270 with seven home runs.

Dennis Cook declined our invitation to participate.

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