Swings and misses

1982 Donruss

The 1968 American League Rookie of the Year, Stan Bahnsen spent 16 years pitching in the majors, going 146-149 for six teams from 1966-1982. Bahnsen won 17 games and had a 2.05 ERA for the New York Yankees in 1968, which was good enough to get him the Rookie of the Year award. He won 14 games for New York in 1970 and 1971 before the Yankees dealt him to the Chicago White Sox. Bahnsen had a nice run in Chicago. He won 21 games in 1972, then 18 more in 1973. (He also led the league in losses that season with 21.) He won 12 more games in 1974 but became a journeyman the next season. Chicago dealt him to the Oakland A’s midway through the 1975 campaign. Bahnsen still managed to get 10 wins for the two clubs combined, but it would be his last season with double-digit wins. He worked mostly out of the bullpen for the rest of his career that saw him pitch for the Montreal Expos, California Angels and Philadelphia Phillies before retiring.

1981 Fleer

Dave Edler played in 126 games for the Seattle Mariners from 1980-1983. He hit .216 with six home runs in 334 at bats. His best season came in 1982 when he hit .279 with 18 RBIs and 14 runs scored.

1989 Upper Deck

A three-time world champion, Alejandro Pena pitched for 15 years in the majors. He won 56 games and saved 74 more while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Red Sox and Florida Marlins from 1981-1996. Pena spent most of his time pitching out of the bullpen, but he was a starter for the Dodgers at the beginning of his career. He won 12 games in 1983 and 12 more in 1984, a season that saw him lead the National League with a 2.48 ERA. Pena was a member of the Dodgers’ teams that won the World Series in 1981 and 1988. He did not pitch in the first series, but appeared in two games in 1988, beating Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 after Kirk Gibson’s now-legendary home run. Pena pitched for the Braves in the 1991 series which they lost to the Minnesota Twins. He was back in the Fall Classic with Atlanta in 1995. He pitched in two games against Cleveland and took the loss in Game 3. However, the Braves beat the Indians 4-2.

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