Marvis Foley

1981 Topps

Foley played in 203 games for the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers between 1978-1984. In 419 at bats, he hit .224 with 12 home runs. Typically serving as a reserve catcher, Foley caught a career-high 64 games for the White Sox in 1980, hitting .212 with four home runs.

After his playing career ended, Foley became coach and manager in the minor leagues. He is the only manager to win every Triple-A league (International, Pacific Coast and American Association) championship. He is currently the catching instructor for the Colorado Rockies.

Marvis Foley – career stats

1985 Topps

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One thought on “Marvis Foley

  1. If Marv Foley’s Major League career ended in 1984, I saw his last at bat, and it was notable. I attended the final game of the 1984 season on September 30 at the old Arlington Stadium to see the Angels play the Texas Rangers. Foley grounded out to second baseman Rob Wilfong for the final out in Mike Witt’s perfect game. I kept score of the game and several years later at another Texas Rangers game I won a $50 coupon to a local supermarket because I knew the answer to the trivia question “Who made the final out in Mike Witt’s perfect game vs. the Rangers?”.


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