Swings and misses

1984 Donruss

Bob James pitched for eight seasons in the majors, coming up with the Montreal Expos in 1978 and finishing with the Chicago White Sox in 1987. He was just 19 when he got his first taste of the big leagues and did not arrive for good until 1983, a year he split between the Detroit Tigers and Expos. Montreal traded him to the ChiSox for Vance Law in 1984 and he had the best year of his career the following season. James saved 32 games that year, which was second best in the American League. He won eight more and had a 2.13 ERA for Chicago. James finished his career with a 24-26 record, 73 saves and a 3.80 ERA.

1986 Donruss

Frank Eufemia pitched in 39 games for the Minnesota Twins in 1985. He went 4-2, with a 3.79 ERA and two saves in 61.2 innings. This would amount to his entire big league career. He pitched in the minors from 1982-1986. He returned for one more minor league season in 1992.

1985 Fleer

Rich Thompson pitched in 77 games for the Cleveland Indians and Montreal Expos between 1985-1990. He posted a 3-10 record with five saves and a 5.05 ERA.

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