Sonny Jackson

Jackson spent 12 years playing in the majors, breaking in with the Houston Colt .45’s in 1963 and finishing with the Atlanta Braves in 1974. In between he appeared in 936 games, hitting .251 with seven home runs and 126 stolen bases. His best year came for Houston in 1966 when he hit .292 withContinue reading “Sonny Jackson”

Lynn Jones

Jones spent eight seasons as a reserve outfielder in the majors. He came up with the Detroit Tigers in 1979 and finished his career with the Kansas City Royals in 1986. In 527 games he hit .252 with seven home runs. His best season was probably his first when he hit .296 with 26 RBI,Continue reading “Lynn Jones”

Darrell Jackson

Jackson spent five years pitching for the Minnesota Twins, going 20-27 with a 4.38 ERA. He came up with Minnesota in 1978, appeared in 19 games and pitched his only big-league shutout. His best year came in 1980 when he won nine games in 25 starts and had a career low 3.87 ERA. Jackson’s careerContinue reading “Darrell Jackson”

Charlie James

James spent six years in the big leagues, playing for the St. Louis Cardinals for five of them and the Cincinnati Reds for the final one. He broke in with St. Louis in 1960 and hit .180 in 43 games. Despite his struggles at the plate as a rookie, he became a regular for theContinue reading “Charlie James”

Dalton Jones

Jones spent nine years playing in the majors for three different teams. He hit .235 during the span, with 41 home runs. He came up a highly-touted prospect with the Boston Red Sox in 1964 and saw action in 118 games. He had the best year of his career for the 1967 Red Sox, hittingContinue reading “Dalton Jones”

Von Joshua

Joshua spent 10 years roaming major league outfields, posting a .273 career average with 30 home runs in 822 games. He came up with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1969 but did not become a regular until he joined the San Francisco Giants in 1975. He played in 129 games that season and hit .318Continue reading “Von Joshua”

Larry Jaster

Jaster pitched for seven years in the major leagues, starting with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1965 and finishing with the Atlanta Braves in 1972. After appearing in just four games in his first season, Jaster enjoyed his best year in 1966. He went 11-5 that season with a 3.26 ERA for the Cardinals. HisContinue reading “Larry Jaster”

Bob Johnson

A veteran of 11 big-league seasons, Johnson broke into the majors in 1960 with the Kansas City A’s and finished his career in 1970 with the same team, which was now located in Oakland. In between, he played for the Washington Senators, Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals.Continue reading “Bob Johnson”

Jay Johnstone

Johnstone spent 20 years in the major leagues, breaking in with the California Angels in 1966 and finishing with 17 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1985. In between, he banged out 1254 hits while playing for six different teams. His best seasons probably came during a stretch with the Philadelphia Phillies in theContinue reading “Jay Johnstone”