Dave Chalk

A two-time all star, Chalk spent nine years playing in the majors. He came up with the California Angels in 1973 and was an all star the very next year. Splitting time between third base and shortstop, Chalk hit .252 with five home runs and 10 stolen bases in 1974. He became California’s full-time thirdContinue reading “Dave Chalk”

Jerry Walker

Walker pitched for eight years in the major leagues, compiling a 37-44 record with a 4.36 ERA along the way. Walker was part of the Baltimore Orioles “Kiddie Corps” pitching staff of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. He joined the Orioles straight out of high school, not throwing a single pitch in the minorContinue reading “Jerry Walker”

Don Schwall

The 1961 Rookie of the Year in the American League, Schwall spent seven seasons pitching in the majors, compiling a 49-48 record in the process. Schwall came up with the Boston Red Sox in 1961 and made an immediate impact. He went 15-7 with a 3.22 ERA that season for Boston, earning a trip toContinue reading “Don Schwall”