Swings and misses

The American League MVP in 1968 and a two-time Cy Young Award winner, Denny McLain won 131 games during a 10-year run through the big leagues. He came up with the Detroit Tigers in 1963 and won 20 games in 1966 while making his first all-star team. He won 31 games for Detroit in 1968Continue reading “Swings and misses”

Swings and misses

Koosman won 222 games over a 19-year career that stretched from 1967-1985. He was an all star in 1968 and 1969 and won 17 games for the “Miracle Mets” in 1969, then went on to beat Baltimore twice in that year’s World Series. Koosman won another game in the 1973 World Series which the MetsContinue reading “Swings and misses”

Frank Thomas (The Original One)

A three-time all star, Thomas blasted 286 home runs during 16 years in the majors. He arrived in the big leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1951 but saw action in just 45 games over the next two seasons. He was a starter for the Pirates in 1953 and he responded by hitting 30 homeContinue reading “Frank Thomas (The Original One)”

Wayne Causey

Causey spent 11 years as a major league infielder, playing for five different teams from 1955-1968. Causey’s first-taste of major league action came as an 18-year old when he came up with the Baltimore Orioles. He hit .194 that season, but stayed with the Orioles for the next three years before finally going to theContinue reading “Wayne Causey”

Jose Canseco

One of the premier power hitters of his era, Canseco bashed 462 home runs during his 17-year career. He slugged 33 home runs as a rookie for the Oakland A’s in 1986, earning a trip to the All-Star Game and winning the American League’s Rookie of the Year award in the process. He hit 31Continue reading “Jose Canseco”